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Galen Group Atelier

The decision we made when we started our journey regarding attachment manufacture aimed to apply the criteria that the efficiency of every product we produce should not be lower, even higher than its alternatives at every step. For this, our principles that we created at the beginning turned into our constitution by getting purer and purer in time and became a philosophy that describes us in the spectrum extending from our staff to our supplier.

In all of our products, we remind ourselves by repeating these principles in the promotion, order taking, manufacturing process and job delivery in order to see and test them, and we offer these principles to our clients as our evaluation criteria:

Our Values:

  Our main goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients with better quality products and services than they expect.
  We strictly comply with laws and regulations, employment and worker safety rules and never compromise.
  We believe in knowledge, technology and continious change.
  We make great efforts to be helpful for the community, the natural environment and humanity.
  We believe in effective team work.
  We believe in open communication at all levels and at all dimensions.
  We believe in the energy of "desire" which makes our work creative and productive and we provide that desire.
  We believe that everyone who works in our company is "leader of their own business".
  We believe that the excellent example that our company puts forward will be an example and a great contribution to overall country economy.
  And so, in order to provide the best service;
We give a commitment to comply with the Quality Management System Management Conditions and improve constantly.