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Galen Group Employees

Galen Group employees reflect their satisfaction in the compatible work environment created. The high average duration of staffing affects the quality of work positively by contributing to the gathering and accumulation of experience and concentration in the company. In addition to this, a business culture which will reduce the amount of mistakes in the design of new products is created as well.

And we can easily see this positive effect on costs, too.

Distribution of Galen Group employees by education and experience;

    5 %
- Postgraduate
    15 %
- Bachelor's Degree
    45 %
- Vocational School of Higher Education and Vocational High School
    15 %
- General High School
    20 %
- Primary and Secondary School
    35 %
- 10 years or more in profession
    55 %
- 5 years or more in profession
    10 %
- Under Profession of 5 Years