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Hardox Wear Plates
Hardox Wear Plates

Hardox Wearparts is part of the SSAB Group, a manufacturer of Hardox wear plates. SSAB is the world leader in value added high strength steels. SSAB offers products developed in close cooperation with clients to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

Hardox is a global reference at wear- resistant steel plate . Hardox Wearparts is more than steel with value-added services offered through its extensive Hardox certified repair shop network. Hardox Wearparts is a network of international companies that produce wear parts from Hardox wear plates. Members have been tasked with providing the best quality wear parts with the best service. The manufacturer of Hardox consists of dedicated experts who use the most advanced techniques and processes approved by SSAB. Based on your drawings and instructions, experts and craftspeople ensure that the Hardox wear- resistant steel is bent, drilled, cut or milled at the highest standard. By optimizing the life span of your parts and helping you plan and anticipate your repairs, Hardox Wearparts helps you reactively convert your repair strategy to proactives.

The members are all around the world and they ensure that you get the proper genuine Hardox wear parts.


      There's really no secret behind Hardox. We only make it better than any other steel.Much better. Better than many times. Of course, this requires state-of-the-art metallurgical processes. It is necessary to work hard and follow. With a unique hardening process and a fanatical control of the specifications, we finally reach the end result:

- In attrition, abrasive materials such as rocks, gravel, concrete, scrap metal or iron ores are rolled freely, creating minimal effect on the steel surface. The right Hardox class will perform well and provide a long service life.
- In impact wear, gravel strikes the surface of the wear component at various angles. Choosing the right Hardox quality for a particular abrasive material will significantly increase the service life.
- In jam wear, it is difficult to measure the increase in service life of wear components. However, it is easy to determine that Hardox plates will extend service life compared to other steels.