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R & D

Cutting Edge

The area of the mouthpiece that is the first contact of the claw in the work machines and which is most exposed to it.
For this purpose, two types of knives, usually flat and delta type, are used as extensions to increase strength.
The flat blade is designed and manufactured against wear at the mouth of the wheel loader buckets.
It is mostly used for general purpose excavation. Appropriate designs can be produced for every class machine.

Cutting Edge

The delta blade is designed and manufactured to fit the mouth of a wheeled loader bucket.
It is used for intensive rock type loading and collecting purposes.

Delta Blade
Supporting segment for bucket edge

Segment: It is designed to extend the life of the cutting edge in the wheel loader buckets. The segments used between the two adapters are suitable for hard soils. Lower wear segments are more suitable for those who are engaged in grit, sand, coal, cement loading.

These segments have been developed because wear in fine-grained materials is the maximum level.